Ho Gyun Ha

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OBJECTIVE The definition of empty sella syndrome is 'an anatomical entity in which the pituitary fossa is partially or completely filled with cerebrospinal fluid, while the pituitary gland is compressed against the posterior rim of the fossa'. Reports of this entities relating to the brain tumors not situated in the pituitary fossa, have rarely been(More)
A cervical spinal cord tumor located anteriorly to the spinal cord is conventionally approached through an anterior vertebrectomy followed by bone-graft reconstruction. In order to make a surgical approach minimally invasive, an anterior microforaminotomy technique is used for removal of a tumor located anterior to the spinal cord. When the senior author's(More)
We present a case of an athetoid cerebral palsy with quadriparesis caused by kyphotic deformity of the cervical spine, severe spinal stenosis at the cervicomedullary junction, and atlantoaxial instability. The patient improved after the first surgery, which included a C1 total laminectomy and C-arm guided righ side unilateral C1-2 transarticular screw(More)
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