Ho Geun Ahn

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The study was conducted to investigate the effects of water potential on bioavailability of the nano-unit 14C-cafenstrole, 14C-pretilachlor, 14C-benfuresate, 14C-simetryn and 14C-oxyfluorfen applied with or without dimepiperate or daimuron under various water potential conditions. The highest bioavailable concentration in soil solution (BCSS) was found at(More)
Platinum complexes [Pt(bpy)Cl2](bpy: 2,2'-bipyridine) and [Pt(PT)Cl2](PT: 1,10-phenantroline) were reacted with 5,5"-(9,9-dioctyl-9H-fluorene-2,7-diyl)bis(2,2'-bipyrine), bpy-spiro-bpy, to afford mono and diplatinium complexes: [(bpy)Pt(bpy-spiro-bpy)][PF6]2, [(bpy)Pt(bpy-spiro-bpy)Pt(bpy)])[PF6]4, and [(PT)Pt(bpy-spiro-bpy)])][PF6]2, which were(More)
Autothermal reforming of propane was studied with respect to the addition of ceria to the supported Ni catalysts. Ni/Al2O3 catalysts showed a higher activity than Ni/MgAl catalysts. It was related to the ease of the catalyst reduction. Ni/Ce/MgAl and Ni/Ce/Al2O3 catalysts showed higher propane conversions and higher hydrogen yields. These were related to(More)
The reaction of [Ir(ppy)2(micro-Cl)]2 (ppy = 2-pyridiylphenyl) with a substituted bpy ligand (5-bromo-2,2'-bipyridiyl, 5,5'-dibromo-2,2'-bipyridiyl, 5-ethynyl-2,2'-bipyridiyl) affords [Ir(ppy)2R-(bpy)-R'](CIO4) (R = H, R' = Br (1); R = R, R' = Br (2); R = H, R' = ethynyl (3)) in high yield. The structural, physical, and electrochemical properties of the(More)
The butadienediyl-bridged complexes [eta5-Cs Me5]Fe(CO)(PPh3)]2 (micro-CH=CH-CH=CH) have been prepared and characterized by cyclic voltammetry, NMR, and X-ray crystallography. Compound 3 diastereomers showed two reversible one-electron oxidations at -0.053 approximately -0.056 V and -0.02 approximately 0.03 V, respectively. The comproportionation constant,(More)
We investigated the influence of a surfactant and reducing agent on the preparation of palladium nanoparticles, characterizing the prepared palladium nanoparticles by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), and X-ray diffractometer (XRD). Colloidal palladium nanoparticles are prepared using PdCl2 as a precursor and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as a(More)
The reaction of the [Pt(bpy-R)Cl2](bpy-R: R=H (2,2'-bipyridine); R=CH3 (4,4'-dimethyl-2,2'-biypridine (DM-bpy), 3,3'-5,5'-tertamethyl-2,2'-bipyridiyl (TM-bpy)) with 1,4-Bis(5'-2',2"-bipyridine)benzene (bpy-Ph-bpy) affords the following mono- and di-platinum complexes of [(bpy)Pt(bpy-Ph-bpy)][PF6]2 (1), [(bpy)Pt(bpy-Ph-bpy)Pt(bpy)])[PF6]4 (2),(More)
In this study, a double-tube centrifuge method was employed to determine the effects of soil moisture on the bioactivity of cafenstrole, pretilachlor, benfuresate, oxyfluorfen and simetryn. In general, the available herbicide concentration in soil solution (ACSS) showed little change as soil moisture increased for herbicides. The total available herbicide(More)
The reaction of the iridium dimer [Ir(ppy)2(micro-Cl)]2 (ppy = 2-pyridiylphenyl) with bis(2,2'-bipyridin-5-yl) ethyne (bpy-C2-bpy), bis(2,2'-bipyridine)-butadiyne (bpy-C4-bpy), and bis(2,2'-bipyridin-5-yl-(Z)-hexa-3-ene-1,5-diyl) (bpy-C6H2-bpy) affords the following diiridium complexes: [ClO4]2 [(ppy)2Ir(bpy-C2-bpy)Ir(ppy)2] (1), [ClO4]2(More)
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