Ho Duck Kang

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We tested the possibility of plantlet formation via somatic embryogenesis with leaf segments and mature zygotic embryos from a rare and endangered tree species,Oplopanax elatus. To induce calli, expiants were cultured under darkness in a solid MS medium containing 3% sucrose, 1g L-1 glutamine, and 0.3% gelrite. Treatment supplements included 2,4-D alone or(More)
We performed Bayesian model comparison on mass spectra from CH 4 rf process plasmas to detect radicals produced in the plasma. The key ingredient for its implementation is the highdimensional evidence integral. We apply Gauss approximation to evaluate the evidence. The results were compared with those calculated by the thermodynamic integration method using(More)
We present a method for the decomposition of the mass spectra of mixed gases using Bayesian probability theory. The method works without any calibration measurement and therefore applies also to the analysis of spectra containing unstable species. For the example of mixtures of three different hydrocarbon gases the algorithm provides concentrations and(More)
Vertebroplasty has attracted much attention as a medical treatment for the collapse of the spine by strengthening the vertebral body, correcting deformities, and relieving pain in patients through the injection of bone cement. The finite element method has become popular for analysing vertebroplasty. The numerical modelling of vertebrae under loading, as in(More)
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