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A prospective study was carried out in which the drug history of patients which was provided by general practitioners was compared with the drugs found by geriatricians in patients' homes in 700 referrals to geriatricians. Drug compliance was not assessed. The drug history appeared to be accurate in one third of referrals. Underreporting of medication was(More)
From December 1982 to August 1983, a total of 242 oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopies were performed for 208 elderly patients in the Geriatric Unit, Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong. These were done as part of an investigatory procedure in the Geriatric Unit, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. In the 9-month survey, it was found that upper(More)
Forty-nine Chinese patients, ages 65 years or over, with endoscopically and pathologically diagnosed benign gastric ulcer, completed a randomized double-blind double dummy trial in treatment with either cetraxate 200 mg four times daily or ranitidine 150 mg two times daily for 12 weeks or less if the gastric ulcer had completely healed. All patients(More)
Hb Tarrant [α126(H9)Asp→Asn; HBA2: c.379G > A (or HBA1)], is a rare high oxygen affinity hemoglobin (Hb) variant that causes erythrocytosis, previously described in a few Mexican-American families. Here we report the first Chinese family with this Hb variant presenting with unexplained familial erythrocytosis. No evidence of hemolysis was seen. A locally(More)
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