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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to analyze various clinical characteristics of ischemic colitis according to its location. METHODS The medical records of 92 cases of gastrointestinal ischemic colitis (IC) diagnosed at Bundang CHA Hospital from 1995 to 2008 were reviewed and analyzed retrospectively. The patients were diagnosed by using colonoscopic(More)
An innovative high-speed lancing device has a lancet that moves so fast that it is not affected at all by the vibration of its spring, and does not pierce the skin repeatedly, greatly reducing the pain that is caused to diabetes mellitus (DM) patients during blood sampling. As revealed by experimental measurements of the acceleration of a lancet using an(More)
Thoracoscopic Surgery is in common use in routine surgical practice. With the advancement of the various techniques and instruments required, mini wounds and fewer thoracoports become practical in recent years. Here, we report our experience of performing lobectomy with radical lymph node dissection in 3 patients using regular straight endoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery for esophageal cancer usually carries considerable complication and mortality rate. Adequate preoperative evaluation is mandatory to decrease complication rate. Hand-grip strength is a useful measure to assess the extent of aging, nutrition and patient's overall condition. Because preoperative nutrition state and physiologic aging process(More)
The study developed two models of an innovative high-speed lancing device and safety lancet, where the specially designed structure causes high-speed motion of the lancet, resulting in only one puncture of the skin. The two experimental models and other lancing devices sold on market were compared in order to: (1) measure the forces of lancets piercing(More)
In this investigation, anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) with arrayed and regularly arranged nanopores is used as a template in the high-vacuum die casting of molten zinc metal (Zn) into the nanopores. The proposed technique yields arrayed Zn nanowires with an aspect ratio of over 600. After annealing, arrayed zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires are obtained. Varying the(More)
This study designs and fabricates a novel integrated digital hand grip dynamometer and analyzes collected grip strength data. The dynamometer directly stores collected data in a computer, unlike those on the market that cannot directly store information. A strain gauge load cell is used as a force sensor. The dynamometer is designed to maximize ergonomics.(More)
BACKGROUND Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is associated with a high incidence of regional node metastasis, but the patterns of lateral neck node metastasis (LNM) vary. Occasionally, a solitary LNM (SLNM) is seen in PTC patients. We therefore assessed whether selective single level node dissection is appropriate in PTC patients with SLNM. METHODS We(More)
INTRODUCTION Thoracoscopic surgery is a popular widely used surgical technique in the treatment of common chest conditions. Conventional thoracoscopic surgery utilizes multiple small wounds for carrying out the procedure. Many procedures can also be performed with a single small port wound. In this study, we performed diaphragm plication using the(More)