Hla Myo Tun

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The research work focuses on issues of vehicle modeling incorporating wheel-terrain interaction and low-level control design taking into account uncertainties and input time delay. Addressing these issues is of significant importance in achieving persistent autonomy for outdoor UGVs, especially when navigating on unprepared terrains. The vehicle is driven(More)
Kalman and PID controller are used to design UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicles) formation flight control system for speed and pitch angle. UAV adjusted the PID parameters to realize control stability of UAV flight. The simulation results will show that Kalman and PID controller have better dynamic performance than the traditional controller in respect of simpler(More)
This paper describes area classification for Landsat7 satellite image. The main purpose of this system is to classify the area of each cluster contained in a satellite image. To classify this image, firstly need to clusterthe satellite image into different land cover types. Clustering is an unsupervised learning method that aimsto classify an image into(More)
In this paper, simulation model of multicarrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) system employing spreading code with RAKE receiver is analyzed. This paper is concerned in particular such a system and its performance under frequency-selective Rayleigh fading channel with various delays profiles. The bit error probabilities under varying multipath(More)
With the increasing demand of higher data rate for telecommunication, the IEEE802.11n standard was constituted in 2009. The most important character of the standard is MIMO-OFDM, which not only improves the throughput but also the spectrum efficiency and channel capacity. And in wireless communication, the role of MIMO detectors plays an important part to(More)
Ordinary techniques applied for harmonics measurement and assessment such as FFT have significant errors in present of time-varying harmonics due to the time-windows functional. In this paper, a Kalman filter-based algorithm is developed and realized for measuring time-varying harmonics. The efficiency of the anticipated algorithm has been successfully(More)
Mobile ad hoc network has become popular in wireless network communication technology. Recently many researchers are studying based on new communication techniques, especially wireless ad hoc networks. This paper presents the performance of routing protocol for mobile ad hoc network (MANET). Routing is one of the challenging issues in mobile ad hoc network.(More)
The system is air conditioning system in operating room. The main objective of the system was implemented to provide air balance and temperature necessary conditions and to control airflow system for ventilation units in operating room. The operation room can be controlled with fuzzy expert system and describes the desired outputs. Input parameters such as(More)