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Flexibility in job shop scheduling is a main problem that has been considered by many of researchers in recent years.So Scheduling for the flexible job shop is very important in the field of production management and combinatorial optimization. However, it is quite difficult to achieve an optimal solution to this problem in medium and actual size problems(More)
(2012). Reach and grasp by people with tetraplegia using a neurally controlled robotic arm. (2011). Robotic gait training in patients with impaired consciousness due to severe traumatic brain injury. Portable upper extremity robotics is as efficacious as upper extremity rehabilitative therapy: a randomized controlled pilot trial. (2011). Robotic-assisted(More)
In this paper, the cyclic scheduling problems in 2-machine robotic cells have been studied. We investigated the timed Petri network graph for modeling the part sequencing and the optimal robot moves sequence in robotic manufacturing cells. The robotic manufacturing cell considered in this study has two identical machines and one single gripper robot. Also,(More)
This paper deals with part sequencing and optimal robot moves sequence in 2-machine robotic cells according to Petri net graph. We have assumed that the robotic cell is capable of producing same and different parts. We have considered a new motion cycle for robot moves sequence which is the development of existing motion cycles in 2-machine robotic cells.(More)
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