Hiu Kan Cheung

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Osteopontin is an adhesive glycoprotein implicated in numerous diseases associated with inflammation and remodeling. There are several structural domains in osteopontin that are of particular interest. The RGD motif is a cell attachment sequence shown to be critical for cell adhesion through alphav-containing integrins. In close proximity to the RGD domain(More)
We have constructed six new P-element-based Drosophila melanogaster transformation vectors that specifically allow for the high-level accumulation of any RNA of interest in the developing egg and pre-blastoderm embryo. Such specificity results, in part, from the inclusion in the vectors of an enhancer active exclusively in nurse cells, the principal(More)
The highly organized structure of the Drosophila ovary makes it an ideal system for studying mechanisms of differential gene expression. Here we report the identification of a 171 bp sequence from the 5' end of the hsp26 gene that functions as a female germ-line-specific transcriptional regulator when linked in two copies to a basal promoter. The regulator(More)
The specification of cell fates along the dorsoventral axis of the Drosophila embryo is dependent on the asymmetric distribution of proteins within the egg and within the egg's outer membranes. Such asymmetries arise during oogenesis and are dependent on multiple cell-cell interactions between the developing oocyte and its neighboring somatic follicle(More)
UNLABELLED Next-generation sequencing is producing vast amounts of sequence information from natural and engineered ecosystems. Although this data deluge has an enormous potential to transform our lives, knowledge creation and translation need software applications that scale with increasing data processing and analysis requirements. Here, we present(More)
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