Hitoshi Ueno

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During cardiac myogenesis, ventricular muscle cells lose the capacity to proliferate soon after birth. It is unknown whether this developmental block to mitotic division and DNA replication might involve irreversible repression of the cellular oncogene c-myc. Ventricular myocytes from 2 d-old rats continued to differentiate in vitro during 15 d of mitogen(More)
Vesicle-associated membrane protein 5 (VAMP5) is a member of the SNARE protein family, which is generally thought to regulate the docking and fusion of vesicles with their target membranes. This study investigated the expression and localization of the VAMP5 protein. Immunoblotting analyses detected the VAMP5 protein in skeletal muscle, heart, spleen, lung,(More)
Myofibers have characteristic membrane compartments in their cytoplasm and sarcolemma, such as the sarcoplasmic reticulum, T-tubules, neuromuscular junction, and myotendinous junction. Little is known about the vesicular transport that is believed to mediate the development of these membrane compartments. We determined the locations of organelles in(More)
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