Hitoshi Tomita

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Aiming to solve one of the serious problems of radio-signal strength (RSS) indoor positioning (namely, fluctuation of RSS values due to reflective waves), a novel indoor-positioning method based on RSS distribution modeling (called "RSS distribution modeling using the mirror-image method," RD-MMI), was developed and evaluated. With RDMMI, a model of RSS(More)
For fast disaster estimation after a large-scale disaster occurs, this paper presents a fast spatio-temporal similarity search method that searches a database storing many scenarios of disaster simulation results represented by time-series grid data for some scenarios similar to insufficient observed data sent from sensors. The proposed method efficiently(More)
All-optical phase correction scheme for few-cycle optical pulses has been proposed. The temporal phase structure of a phase-modulated pulse is recorded as spatial index modulation in a two-photon recording medium. This scheme drastically relaxes complicacy in stretcher design for few-cycle chirped pulse amplification (CPA) systems.
Angiography depicted the arteriovenous fistula at the peripheral cortex of the kidney, which was treated superselective transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE). Bleeding was controlled and did not recur. The contrast-enhanced computed tomographic (CT) scan performed on the 27th day after the procedure revealed a parenchymal perfusion deficit of 3% and the(More)
A long-time-range spectral-shearing interferometry has been demonstrated by frequency mixing with two-color monochromatic fields. Strongly chirped pulses with quadratic and cubic phase distortion have been characterized. A linearly chirped pulse having 2.2 ps (full duration of 6 ps) has been measured with a coaxial two-color field generated by a narrow-gap(More)
A number of reports have been published describing the ultrastructure of normal taste buds but few have discussed their pathology, particularly in patients with gustatory abnormalities. We therefore conducted an electron microscopic study of biopsy specimens of glossal circumvallate papillae from patients with dysgeusia. We found depletion of microvilli and(More)
Background. Microcinephotography was used to study a model of persistent truncus arteriosus created in chick embryos by ablation of premigratory neural crest destined for the third and fourth aortic arch arteries as well as the septum of the cardiac outflow tract. Methods and Results. Twenty-five control embryos and 105 of 202 experimental embryos were(More)
In this paper, the database that controls the indoor spatial information for robots and users is referred to as the spatial master database. We designed a data model and a map output model of the spatial master database. Based on the model, a spatial master database service which provides spatial information for robots as well as users is developed. An(More)
When a large-scale natural disaster occurs, it is necessary to collect damage information within about 10 minutes so that disaster-relief operations and wide-area support (depending on the the scale of the natural disaster) can be initiated. A high-performance method for "spatio-temporal join" which joins time-series grid data (such as results of(More)