Hitoshi Tojo

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Non-inductive plasma current start-up by EC and RF power was carried out on the TST-2 device. Low frequency RF (21 MHz) sustainment was demonstrated, and the obtained high βp spherical tokamak configuration has similar equilibrium values as the EC (2.45 GHz) sustained plasma. Equilibrium analysis revealed the detailed information on three discharge phases:(More)
It is important to conserve forest-dependent organisms not only in broadleaved forests but also in plantation forests. We examined how surrounding forest areas affect forest bird assemblages inhabiting conifer plantations and broadleaved forests in a rural landscape in central Japan. Surrounding forest areas were measured separately as plantation area and(More)
Exotic Red-billed Leiothrix Leiothrix lutea numbers have increased in southern, western and central part of Japan since the early 1980’s. Unlike most naturalized birds, this species mainly breeds in natural deciduous forests. We researched the breeding bird density in a deciduous forest on Mt. Tsukuba (877 m), a major breeding area of leiothrix in central(More)
TST-2 is a spherical tokamak (ST) device, and High Harmonic Fast Wave (HHFW) injection experiments were performed to heat electrons in the spherical tokamak. In TST-2, electron heating was observed in some discharges, but when Parametric Decay Instability (PDI) occurred the injected wave energy is transferred to two daughter modes. PDI during HHFW injection(More)
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