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Muscle fibers of the masseter muscle of mice which had been fed a fine-grained diet for various periods were studied histochemically and morphometrically. The diameters of both extrafusal and intrafusal muscle fibers decreased with time in mice fed a fine-grained diet, compared with those of control mice. In animals maintained on the special diet for 160(More)
BACKGROUND Endothelial dysfunction is a key component of vascular vulnerability. Reactive hyperemia index (RHI), as assessed by the peripheral arterial tonometry, can noninvasively evaluate endothelial function. This study was designed to determine the additional prognostic value of endothelial function to the Synergy Between PCI With Taxus and Cardiac(More)
OBJECTIVE Statin- and exercise-therapy are both clinically beneficial by preventing cardiovascular events in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). However, there is no information on the vascular effects of the combination of statins and exercise on arterial wall stiffness in CAD patients. METHODS The present study is a sub-analysis of PRESET study(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac troponin is a specific biomarker for cardiomyocyte necrosis in acute coronary syndromes. Troponin release from the coronary circulation remains to be determined because of the lower sensitivity of the conventional assay. We sought to determine basal and angina-induced troponin release using a highly sensitive troponin assay. METHODS AND(More)
BACKGROUND Angina without significant stenosis, or nonobstructive coronary artery disease, attracts clinical attention. Microvascular coronary artery spasm (microvascular CAS) can cause nonobstructive coronary artery disease. We investigated the clinical features of microvascular CAS and the therapeutic efficacy of calcium channel blockers. METHODS AND(More)
In the masticatory muscles, neuromuscular spindles have a very important role in controlling the jaw movement since they act as stretch receptors in skeletal muscles. The continuous intake of fine-grained diet which is easily chewable leads to degeneration of the sensory endings of Ia fibers in many muscle spindles of the mouse masseter muscle in only 120 d(More)
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