Hitoshi Mizuno

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A simple low-cost method of fabricating polymeric optical waveguides with large core sizes for plastic optical fibers is presented. The waveguides are fabricated by hot embossing with an ultraviolet-cured epoxy resin stamper. The stamper is fabricated by replication of a rectangular groove mold that is made from silicone rubber replicated from a ridged(More)
The dead zone of RFID system has been numerically and experimentally investigated. The electric field distribution near the square conducting plate was numerically obtained when the plane wave is incident. The current distribution on the conducting plate in the case of spherical wave incidence is expressed by the integration of induced current due to the(More)
Room temperature lasing was stably observed in air from an orthorhombic crystal of 5,5'-bis(4'-methoxybiphenyl-4-yl)-2,2'-bithiophene (BP2T-OMe). A pair of parallel {110} facets of the single crystal acted as effective Fabry-Pérot mirrors. This prominent lasing is based on high group refractive index (3.5) and Q factor (4500) of the orthorhombic crystal(More)
Optically pumped lasing of epitaxially oriented molecular crystals is presented. Needle-like crystals of a thiophene/phenylene co-oligomer is grown along the [110] direction of a KCl substrate. The fluorescence light is one-dimensionally confined and amplified by the self-waveguiding effect in the elongated needles. The Fabry-Pérot resonation by the(More)
We report on interferometric structures in fluorescence from a thin slab crystal of 5,5'-bis(4'-methoxybiphenyl-4-yl)-2,2'-bithiophene. These structures observed in the relative delay time with 10 ps between double pulses were discussed in terms of coherent dynamics.
In addition to low-level windshear (below 1600 feet), low-level turbulence could also adversely affect arriving/departing aircraft at the airport. Turbulent airflow may occur in clear-air/non-rainy weather conditions, e.g. terrain effect at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) or building’s disruptions at Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)(More)
The potential for room-temperature lasing in densely doped organic crystals has been examined using (fluorene)0.8-(anthracene)0.2 thin crystals fabricated in a narrow gap between two quartz plates. An excitation-intensity dependence study confirms that the system shows spectral line narrowing, a super linear increase of the narrow line above threshold(More)
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