Hitoshi Mihara

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Fluence-response relationships were examined for positive and negative phototropism induced by blue (450 nm) and ultraviolet-B (UV-B, 280 nm) light, respectively, in the Pilobolus crystallinus sporangiophore. Fluence-response curves for both blue and UV-B light obtained by changing the fluence by varying exposure time only showed the classical first and(More)
The effects of preirradiation with blue light on the shift of the fluence-response curve for the first and the second positive curvatures were examined in Pilobolus crystallinus (Wiggers) Tode sporangiophores. A 1-min preirradiation with blue light at 47 or 960 nmol·m-2 lowered the fluence-response curve for the first positive curvature and shifted the peak(More)
Sporangiophore initiation in Pilobolus crystallinus grown in white light was induced by either a dark or a low-temperature treatment. The period of darkness necessary to induce sporangiophore initiation was shortened by lowering the temperature. Arrhenius plots for the sporangiophore-suppressing reaction in both light and darkness consisted of two straight(More)
The growth and rotation of the sporangiophore of Pilobolus crystallinus, which are important factors in its phototropic behavior, were analyzed throughout its development. The sporangiophore initial emerged from the trophocyst and elongated at the extreme tip without rotating. The elongation rate of the sporangiophore apex then gradually decreased and the(More)
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