Hitoshi Koizumi

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In this paper, we propose a software testing environment, called D-Cloud, using cloud computing technology and virtual machines with fault injection facility. Nevertheless, the importance of high dependability in a software system has recently increased, and exhaustive testing of software systems is becoming expensive and time-consuming, and, in many cases,(More)
Various information systems are widely used in information society era, and the demand for highly dependable system is increasing year after year. However, software testing for such a system becomes more difficult due to the enlargement and the complexity of the system. In particular, it is too difficult to test parallel and distributed systems sufficiently(More)
D-Cloud is a software testing environment for dependable parallel and distributed systems using cloud computing technology. We use Eucalyptus as cloud management software to manage virtual machines designed based on QEMU, called FaultVM, which have a fault injection mechanism. D-Cloud enables the test procedures to be automated using a large amount of(More)
A chemiluminometric flow injection analytical system for the quantitation of L-histidine is described. Histidine oxidase (EC 1.4.3.-) from Brevibacillus borstelensis KAIT-B-022 was immobilized on tresylated poly(vinyl alcohol) beads and packed into a stainless-steel column. The hydrogen peroxide produced was detected chemiluminometrically by a flowthrough(More)
A feasibiity study of solar power satellite (SPS) in-space transportation using a Hall thruster propulsion system was conducted based on cost evaluation. The transportation scenario was optimized through the cost evaluation: the choice of reusing or disposing orbit transfer vehicle (OTV), and power of propulsion system. From the result, the case of reusing(More)
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