Hitoshi Kitazawa

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We present a novel framework for encoding images obtained by a security monitoring camera with protecting the privacy of moving objects in the images. We are motivated by the fact that although security monitoring cameras can deter crimes, they may infringe the privacy of those who and objects which are recorded by the cameras. Moving objects, whose privacy(More)
Recently, monitoring cameras for security have been extensively increasing. However, it is normally difficult to know when and where we are monitored by these cameras and how the recorded images are stored and/or used. Therefore, how to protect privacy in the recorded images is a crucial issue. In this paper, we address this problem and introduce a(More)
An optimization algorithm for power and timing of Bipolar ECL LSIs is proposed. The power dissipation is minimized by a nonlinear programming solver under accurate timing constraints extracted from layout. The power and delay time of an ECL gate are considered functions of its switching current which is regulated by programming its resistors. Experimental(More)
| A timing-driven global routing algorithm applicable to high-speed bipolar LSI's is proposed. Path-based timing constraints are directly modeled and routing paths are selected using novel heuristic criteria to minimize area as well as to satisfy the timing constraints by keeping track of the critical path delay and channel densities. Using bipolar-specic(More)