Hitoshi Kitano

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In this paper we introduce a new inference method of a gene regulatory network from steady-state gene expression data. Our method determines a regulatory structure consistent with an observed set of steady-state expression profiles, each generated from wild-type and single deletion mutant of the target network. Our method derives the regulatory(More)
In this paper, we report development of a generalized simulation system based on ordinary differential equations for multi-cellular organisms, and results of the analysis on a Smad signal transduction cascade. The simulator implements intra-cellular and extra-cellular molecular processes, such as protein diffusion, ligand-receptor reaction, biochemical(More)
This paper discusses a robustness analysis of eukaryotic cell cycle and focuses on understanding functions of Cdc25 and Weel proteins. The robustness of the eukaryotic cell cycle is analyzed based on the sensitivity analysis for a mathematical model. From the first analysis result, it was shown that Cdc2 and Cyclin proteins have main roles for eukaryotic(More)
We developed a conveyance system composed of multiple autonomous mobile robots and a monitoring and control unit used to monitor and control these robots. This system features the use of autonomous mobile robots running while grasping and interpreting the environment for themselves to generate running paths, and thereby eliminates the need for tracks for(More)
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