Hitoshi Kitada

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The main goal of this paper is to show that the concept of generalized differentiability introduced by the authors in [2] allows to obtain new solutions to the fuzzy differential equations. A very general existence and uniqueness result of two solutions for the fuzzy differential equations with modified argument and based on generalized differentiability is(More)
— A model of a stationary universe is proposed. In this framework, time is defined as a local and quantum-mechanical notion in the sense that it is defined for each local and quantum-mechanical system consisting of finite number of particles. The total universe consisting of infinite number of particles has no time associated. It is a stationary bound state(More)
In a framework of a stationary universe, time is defined as a local and quantum-mechanical notion in the sense that it is defined for each local and quantummechanical system consisting of a finite number of particles. In this context, the total universe consisting of an infinite number of particles has no time associated, and quantum mechanics and general(More)
The representation of a high dimensional machine learning (ML) feature space F as a function space for the purpose of denoising data is introduced. We illustrate an application of such a representation of feature vectors by applying a local averaging denoising method for functions on Euclidean and metric spaces (together with its graph generalization) to(More)
The notion of outgoing and incoming spaces of Lax-Phillips [17] is generalized to asymptotically outgoing and incoming spaces. With this notion of asymptotically outgoing and incoming spaces, it is shown that the existence and asymptotic completeness of wave operators in quantum scattering theory is obtained by a slightly modified proof of Theorem 1.2 in(More)
PURPOSE We clarified whether the clinical profiles of patients with a history of urolithiasis (stone formers) truly reflect those of patients who currently have renal stones (stone carriers). MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated 463 patients with gout using helical computerized tomography, urolithiasis history and relevant clinical parameters. RESULTS(More)
A cyclic nature of quantum mechanical clock is discussed as “quantization of time.” Quantum mechanical clock is seen to be equivalent to the relativistic classical clock. John von Neumann proposed a problem [1] in 1932 in the footnote on page 6 of the English translation [2] of his book “Die Mathematische Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik,” Springer-Verlag,(More)