Hitoshi Iwaya

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Dextran sulfate sodium (DSS)-induced colitis is an experimental model of ulcerative colitis, although the precise mechanism has not yet been elucidated. We investigate whether Zn deficiency affects the pathogenesis of colitis induced by DSS with a focus on immune responses. Male WKAH/Hkm Slc rats were fed either a Zn-adequate (ZA, 30 mg Zn/kg diet) as a(More)
Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPPIV) degrades some peptide hormones and cytokines, resulting in homeostatic modulation. However, the role of DPPIV in inflammatory bowel diseases remains controversial. To determine the role of DPPIV in colitis, we used F344/DuCrlCrlj (F344/Du) rats as a DPPIV-deficient model. The serum DPPIV activity was much lower in the F344/Du(More)
We investigated the impact of Zn status on the maintenance of mucosal homeostasis. Rats were fed diets containing different amounts of Zn (30, 10, 5, <1 mg Zn/kg diet) for 21 d. Serum Zn concentrations were lower in rats fed marginally Zn-deficient (MZD; 5 mg Zn/kg diet) and severely Zn-deficient (<1 mg/kg) diets but not in those fed the marginally(More)
BACKGROUND Isomaltosyloligosaccharides (IMO) and dextran (Dex) are hardly digestible in the small intestine and thus influence the luminal environment and affect the maintenance of health. There is wide variation in the degree of polymerization (DP) in Dex and IMO (short-sized IMO, S-IMO; long-sized IMO, L-IMO), and the physiological influence of these(More)
We investigated differences in the pathogenesis of dextran sulfate sodium (DSS)-induced colitis between two inbred rat strains, Wistar King A Hokkaido (WKAH) and Dark Agouti (DA) rats, to determine the intrinsic factors responsible for the development of colitis. DSS exposure exacerbated the clinical symptoms such as body weight loss, stool consistency and(More)
Obesity is increasingly becoming associated with increased risk of atherosclerosis. Serum levels of the bile acid deoxycholic acid (DCA) are elevated in mice with obesity induced by a high-fat (HF) diet. Therefore, we investigated the influence of DCA on the functions of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) because the initiation and progression of(More)
To examine the involvement of CD8alpha+ intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) in chemokine expression by villus epithelial cells, villus and crypt fractions were collected by mechanical isolation using a chelating buffer and specific antibodies in CD8alpha+ cell-depleted rats. A larger population of CD8alpha+ cells was observed by histochemical evaluation in(More)
Zinc, an essential mineral element, regulates various physiological functions such as immune responses and hormone secretion. Cholecystokinin (CCK), a gut hormone, has a role in protective immunity through the regulation of gastrointestinal motility, appetite, and inflammatory response. Here, we examined the effect of zinc on CCK secretion in STC-1 cells,(More)
We investigated to determine whether a variety of acyl-homoserine lactones (AHLs) influences epithelial cell proliferation and mucosal permeability. 3-Oxo-C12-homoserine lactone (HSL) and 3-oxo-C14-HSL significantly suppressed IEC-6 cell proliferation. A significant increase in mucosal permeability was observed in isolated rat colon tissue exposed to(More)
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