Hitoshi Iwata

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A 71-year-old man suddenly developed abdominal pain and vomiting on drinking soda after a meal, and visited a physician. Cervical subcutaneous and mediastinal emphysemas were observed on CT, and the patient was transferred to the emergency medical center of our hospital on the same day. Esophagography was performed at our department. A ruptured region was(More)
When two sounds which have same spectrum but different amplitude are alternated without silent gap between the sounds, the lower amplitude sound comes to be heard as continuous. This is called "auditory induction" which is one of the most interesting auditory phenomena. The fainter sound is called induce and the louder sound is called inducer. The authors(More)
The researches of masking made it clear that there is a bandpass like a filter in the auditory system. This is called the auditory filter and its central frequency is thought to be the frequency of an acoustic signal. If there exist this kind of filter, the authors expected that the noise image which is perceived when pure tone and noise simultaneously(More)
The maximum biting force in 82 male athletes and 12 male subjects without any particular athletic activity (nonathletes) were measured in order to evaluate the relationship between biting force and physical fitness in athletes. The results obtained were as follows. 1. The maximum biting force in athletes (50.8 +/- 17.4kg) were significantly (p < 0.01)(More)