Hitoshi Inomo

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Computer systems become more powerful and more popular. It is not easy for computer users to comprehend how computers work because of their complex properties like as black box. It is necessary to understand the internal structure and behavior of computer. We have developed a visual simulator written in Java, which can illustrate graphical computer(More)
Recently, the natural disaster and the accident have happened frequently in the country and foreign countries. At that time, the construction's business that is stopped is magnified the shattering damage. Hence, formulating the construction's BCP is necessary. In this study, we develop the system which supports the BCP formulating for a construction company.
An example of information engineering education is introduced, which includes hardware implementation, systems programming on UNIX (Linux) and some kinds of network operation. At the stage of hardware implementation, students are to understand logical design and implement a simple microcomputer-based circuit to generate the specific sound. Device driver(More)
In this study, a powerful and useful simulation method using a simple CA-model is proposed to approach the live design of buildings. If buildings are used by the general public, it must be done to guarantee safety and security in them in case of emergency such as fire, earthquake, terrorism, and so on. Two examples such as an office floor and a shopping(More)
Absfracf Recently, several immune network information models are proposed, and they are applied to process diagnosis as well as sensor fault diagnosis of a cement process. These models dynamically react to the on-line date from sensors. They can selfidentify the unreliable sensor and unreliable constraint by moving from one equilibrium to another, reacting(More)
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