Hitoshi Inamori

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We propose a proof of the security of EPR-based quantum key distribution against enemies with unlimited computational power. The proof holds for a protocol using interactive error-reconciliation scheme. We assume in this paper that the legitimate parties receive a given number of single photon signals and that their measurement devices are perfect.
We describe in detail a general strategy for implementing a conditional geometric phase between two spins. Combined with single-spin operations , this simple operation is a universal gate for quantum computation, in that any unitary transformation can be implemented with arbitrary precision using only single-spin operations and conditional phase shifts.(More)
We present a complete protocol for BB84 quantum key distribution for a realistic setting (noise, loss, multi-photon signals of the source) that covers many of todays experimental implementations. The security of this protocol is shown against an eavesdropper having unrestricted power to manipulate the signals coherently on their path from sender to(More)
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