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We propose an algorithm for the detection of facial regions within input images. The characteristics of this algorithm are (1) a vast number of Gabor-type features (196,800) in various orientations, and with various frequencies and central positions, which are used as feature candidates in representing the patterns of an image, and (2) an information(More)
The energy model (Pollen & Ronner, 1983; Adelson & Bergen, 1985) for a complex cell in the visual cortex is investigated theoretically. The energy model describes the output of a complex cell as the squared sum of outputs of two linear operators. An information-maximization problem to determine the two linear operators is investigated assuming the low(More)
The authors propose a face recognition algorithm robust against the illumination variations, using an average face shape. The objective of this paper is twofold: (1) to propose a new algorithm to estimate one of the illumination-invariant features, i.e., the surface reflectance from single appearance image, and (2) to apply this algorithm to images with(More)
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