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We report on the very-low-frequency earthquakes occurring in the transition zone of the subducting plate interface along the Nankai subduction zone in southwest Japan. Seismic waves generated by very-low-frequency earthquakes with seismic moment magnitudes of 3.1 to 3.5 predominantly show a long period of about 20 seconds. The seismicity of(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the laryngeal adjustments for voiced versus voiceless distinction in Japanese consonant production by means of laryngeal electromyography (EMG) and fiberoptic observation. Multichannel EMG recordings were taken of a Japanese subject and the data were computer-processed to obtain the averaged activity patterns(More)
Susceptibility to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) is determined by both environmental and genetic factors. The main gene associated with predisposition to IDDM is HLA. Recent studies have described linkage and association of IDDM to the CTLA-4 gene (IDDM12) in Caucasians. CTLA-4 is a candidate gene for T-cell-mediated autoimmune diseases because(More)
Histological examination of gonads as well as chemical analysis of organotin compounds in tissues of the giant abalone, Haliotis madaka, was conducted to evaluate possible endocrine disruption and to consider the causal factors for the decline of abalone stocks in Japan. Abalone specimens were collected from two different areas, Tsushima as a reference site(More)
Quantification of changes in gastrointestinal morphology and mucus gel has been difficult to study. In the present study, we investigated changes in rat intestine under total parenteral nutrition (TPN) using fluoresceinated lectin staining and image analysis. Wistar rats (n = 34) were divided into two groups: one group received TPN for 2 weeks, and a(More)
OBJECTIVE The mechanism of the association between obesity and hypertension is not clear. The recently discovered obese gene product, leptin, the levels of which increase in obese subjects, has been shown to reduce food intake and increase sympathetic nervous system activity in animal studies. The present study was undertaken to elucidate the relationship(More)
Conventional algorithms for diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB) in patients with nonpulsatile ventricular assist devices (VADs) may take days to perform while patients require transfusions. We developed a new algorithm based on deep overtube-assisted enteroscopy (DOAE) to facilitate a rapid diagnosis and treatment. From 2004 to 2012,(More)