Hitoshi Hirano

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The extent to which serotonin regulates the activity of cortically projecting cholinergic neurons was studied using in vivo microdialysis to monitor interstitial concentrations of acetylcholine in the frontal cortex of freely moving rats. Systemic administration of the serotonin release-inducing agent fenfluramine (3 or 10 mg/kg, i.p.) increased(More)
The effects of estrogen on cortically projecting cholinergic neurons were investigated using in vivo microdialysis to measure cortical basal acetylcholine (ACh) levels and serotonin (5-HT)-stimulated ACh release in frontal cortex of freely moving Wistar female rats. Bilateral ovariectomy (OVX) or sham operations were performed under anesthesia. Immediately(More)
The Zung-Self-rating Depression Scale (SDS) was distributed to 28,588 first-year university students. Factor analysis using PROMAX rotation revealed three factors interpretable as affective, cognitive, and somatic symptoms. The confirmatory factor analysis showed a goodness-of-fit index of 0.976 and an adjusted goodness-of-fit index of 0.967. The two sexes(More)
Retinoids influence cellular processes such as differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis via retinoic acid receptor (RAR) and retinoid X receptor (RXR), and have therapeutic applications in several cancers and dermatologic diseases. Recent reports indicate that depression occasionally occurs in patients using the acne drug Accutane, the active component(More)
Vitamin A-derived retinoic acids (RAs) are known to exert a variety of biological actions, including modulatory effects on cell differentiation and apoptosis. A recent study has demonstrated that 13-cis-RA and all-trans-RA suppressed neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus in adult mice. The present experiments were performed to see whether(More)
We know that the mast cell or basophil degranulation and the release of chemical mediators such as histamine may play an important role in inducing immediate type allergic reactions. In this experiment, employing purified rat peritoneal mast cells (RPMC) the degranulation pattern of RPMC and percent release of histamine from RPMC by pharmacologic (compound(More)
Short-term desensitization of the contractile response of the guinea-pig taenia caecum to histamine was tested in the absence of Ca++. Desensitization was monitored both by the fall of histamine response and by the decrease of irreversible blockade by phenoxybenzamine. In Ca++-free solution with 0.2 mM EGTA, desensitization occurred as in normal(More)
A new method was developed for assay of guanase activity by direct colorimetric determination of ammonia. In this method, dotite bicine buffer is used for preparation of a stable substrate solution and with a fixed concentration of substrate of sufficient strength serum guanase can be measured sensitively and reproducibly. This assay system could be used as(More)
Brain computer interfaces (BCIs), also be referred to be as brain machine interfaces, transform modulations of electroencephalogram (EEG) into user's intents to communicate with others without voice and physical movement. BCIs have been studied and developed as one of the important means for communication-aid between disabled with severe motor disabilities(More)
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