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Okhotsk Sea pack ice from Shiretoko in northern Hokkaido, sampled in March 2007, contained microalgal communities dominated by the centric diatoms Thalassiosira nordenskioeldi and T. punctigera. Domination by this genus is very unusual in sea ice. Communities from nearby fast ice at Saroma-ko lagoon were dominated by Detonula conferavea and Odontella(More)
In this study, a practical numerical analysis has been developed in order to investigate the lubrication characteristics between a rolling piston and a crank of rotary compressors. This analysis is treated as a coupled problem of the momentum equations and the Reynolds equation of oil film. Using this analysis, the lubrication characteristics between the(More)
In order to investigate the effects of the elastic deformation of the vane-slot on the lubrication characteristics of the vane sliding surface in a rotary compressor, a mixed lubrication analysis considering the elastic deformation has been performed for the vane sliding surface. In this analysis, the modified Reynolds equation and the elastic contact(More)
To investigate the influences of friction of the vane sliding surface between the vane and vane slot on the lubricating conditions between the vane top and the rolling piston, we perform a numerical analysis of rolling piston and vane motion, considering mixed lubrication of the vane sliding surface between the vane and vane slot. Analysis results indicate(More)
chemistry of anion recognition is now being uncovered and producing a variety of practical applications, including separation and sensing. 1–3 The use of Lewis acid-base interactions is a promising approach in this respect. We previously found that zirconium(IV) could be immobilized on a chelating polymer, having an iminodiacetate (IDA) group (–LH2), as a(More)
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