Hitoshi Furusawa

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This paper provides an algebraic formalization of mathematical structures formed by fuzzy relations with sup-min composition. A simple proof of a representation theorem for Boolean relation algebras satisfying Tarski rule and point axiom has been given by G. Schmidt and T. Strohlein. Unlike Boolean relation algebras, fuzzy relation algebras are not Boolean(More)
We reconstruct Peleg’s concurrent dynamic logic in the context of modal Kleene algebras. We explore the algebraic structure of its multirelational semantics and develop an axiomatization of concurrent dynamic algebras from that basis. In this context, sequential composition is not associative. It interacts with parallel composition through a weak(More)
Binary multirelations generalise binary relations by associating elements of a set to its subsets. We study the structure and algebra of multirelations under the operations of union, intersection, sequential, and parallel composition, as well as finite and infinite iteration. Starting from a set-theoretic investigation, we propose axiom systems for(More)