Hitoshi Furusawa

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This paper provides an algebraic formalization of mathematical structures formed by fuzzy relations with sup-min composition. A simple proof of a representation theorem for Boolean relation algebras satisfying Tarski rule and point axiom has been given by G. Schmidt and T. Str ohlein. Unlike Boolean relation algebras, fuzzy relation algebras are not(More)
Preface This volume contains the tutorial materials and the contributed extended ab-The programme has been organised for the second time in association with RelMiCS/AKA. It took place in Frauenwörth on an Island in Lake Chiem in Bavaria, from April 7 to April 11, 2008, and included invited tutorials, a student session and attendance at the conference. Eight(More)
The aim of this thesis is to develop the fuzzy relational calculus. To develop this calculus, we study four algebraic formalisations of fuzzy relations which are called fuzzy relation algebras, Zadeh categories, relation algebras and Dedekind categories, and we strive to arrive at their representation theorems. The calculus of relations has been(More)