Hitomi Sekihara

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Attachment formation is the most pivotal factor for humans and animals in the growth and development of social relationships. However, the developmental processes of attachment formation mediated by sensory-motor, emotional, and cognitive integration remain obscure. Here we developed an animal model to understand the types of social interactions that lead(More)
Recent progress in affective neuroscience and social neurobiology has been propelled by neuro-imaging technology and epigenetic approach in neurobiology of animal behaviour. However, quantitative measurements of socio-emotional development remains lacking, though sensory-motor development has been extensively studied in terms of digitised imaging analysis.(More)
We have developed a multi variate analysis of social communication behavior which allows for discriminating the emotional state of an agent interacting with other agents (Bouquet method). Domestic chick or common marmoset was reared under socially isolated conditions, later tested for its development of communication behavior with peers by Bouquet, and(More)
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