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By means of immunohistochemistry, lactotropes, somatotropes, corticotropes and thyrotropes in the pituitary of the male musk shrew, Suncus murinus L., were identified at the electron-microscopic level. Lactotropes were classified into three types: type I containing large (200-450 nm in diameter) round secretory granules, type II with medium-sized (150-250(More)
The effects of three C-terminal fragments of cholecystokinin (CCK) (CCK-8-sulphated form [SF], CCK-8-non-sulphated form [NSF] and CCK-4) on insulin and glucagon secretion were examined in sheep in vivo. Each CCK fragment was injected intravenously at a wide range of doses (1 pmol to 3 x 10(5) pmol kg-1). CCK-8(SF) had the lowest threshold dose (10 pmol(More)
The retromolar mucosa of the rat, mouse and golden hamster was observed by light and scanning electron microscopy. Numerous taste bud papillae, each of which formed a low round eminence containing one to several taste buds, were present in the posterior region of the retromolar mucosa, and were especially concentrated in the vicinity of the orifices of the(More)
The mouse hyoid region was studied in detail in term of its evolutional importance. A pair of small pyramidal-shaped "epiphyseal cornua" wedged between the body and the caudal cornua. It is suggested that the epiphyseal cornu is an independent element of the hyoid bone, and that it is not homologous with the typical hypohyal in other mammals. Just ventral(More)
In the lateral wall of the laryngeal ventricle of the Suncus murinus, only a few excretory ducts of the laryngeal gland opened that drained the extensive lobular system. The ducts opened into the "intermediate epithelium (NAKANO, T.: Acta Anat. 127: 22-47, 1986)," which lined the transitional zone between the ciliated columnar epithelium and the stratified(More)
The cuticle is composed of five cell layers in the cross section of the hair at a level of 100 mm above the scalp. Intercellular junctions between two cuticular cells are zonulae occludentes (tight junction); they consist of five layers. The gap junctions of the intercellular communications occur near the cortex. The trichohyalin granule appears in the(More)
The epithelium lining the caudal surface of the mouse epiglottis occupies the transitional zone between the keratinized stratified squamous epithelium, continuing from the oral cavity, and the ciliated columnar epithelium, extending into the laryngeal cavity. The epithelium showed gradations ranging from stratified squamous through stratified cuboidal to(More)
In the epithelium lining the nasopalatine duct of the infant mouse, a transitional zone between the stratified squamous epithelium and the ciliated columnar one can be observed. The epithelium lining the transitional zone shows gradations ranging from the stratified squamous through the stratified cuboidal to the ciliated stratified low-columnar type, and(More)
The three-dimensional and surface structures of the simple conical papillae of the rat tongue have been demonstrated with scanning electron microscopy. The papillary projection was organized into the anterior, posterior and central core cell populations, whereas the basal region of the papilla which consisted of circularly arranged cells showed no(More)