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The effects of applied voltage and the duration of application upon human epidermal membrane (HEM) alterations and recovery were investigated. All experiments were conducted using a two-chamber diffusion cell with constant DC voltage (250-4000 mV) applied over a predetermined period, and HEM changes were monitored by measuring the electrical resistance(More)
Onboard image processing systems for a hyperspectral sensor have been developed in order to maximize image data transmission efficiency for large volume and high speed data downlink capacity. Since more than 100 channels are required for hyperspectral sensors on Earth observation satellites, fast and small-footprint lossless image compression capability is(More)
A short pulse response for surface waves involved in the backscattering by dielectric spheres is considered in the time domain. Since the surface-wave contributions for the cw backscattering are known, pulse returns for the surface waves are obtained from the cw solutions by Fourier synthesis. Large savings in computation time for a Fourier series were(More)
This paper describes magnetooptical (MO) readout and recording performance improvement that increase the MO disk drive performance. In regard to readout performance, a <60-dB readout carrier-to-noise ratio is achieved for an MO disk with a polycarbonate substrate. Also, in regard to recording performance, a new MO head is presented that achieves high(More)
Diffracted field contributions to backscattering of an electromagnetic plane wave by a spherical particle are calculated. The diffracted fields give rise to surface waves in the shadow region and can be evaluated by finding surface wave poles and computing their residues. In order to compute the residues the valid range of the Schobe and Debye asymptotic(More)
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