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Unique determination of the atomic structure of technologically relevant surfaces is often limited by both a need for homogeneous crystals and ambiguity of registration between the surface and bulk. Atomically resolved secondary-electron imaging is extremely sensitive to this registration and is compatible with faceted nanomaterials, but has not been(More)
Onboard image processing systems for a hyperspectral sensor have been developed in order to maximize image data transmission efficiency for large volume and high speed data downlink capacity. Since more than 100 channels are required for hyperspectral sensors on Earth observation satellites, fast and small-footprint lossless image compression capability is(More)
Trend analysis of Terra/ASTER/VNIR calibration data is made for finding possible causes for degradation of radiometric calibrat ion coefficients. Two sets of photometers are equipped at just after the onboard calibration lamp and at just in front of optics en trance of the mission instrument, VNIR. Unfortunately, the later was malfunctioned 300 days after(More)
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