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The idea of electronic cash, as a payment instrument is appealing, but has yet to be widely deployed commercially. We outline the properties of two major approaches to the provision of electronic cash, and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. We then propose a new scheme based on secret splitting that allows for off-line spending of coins with a tailored(More)
As business is moving from face-to-face trading, mail order, and telephone order to electronic commerce over open networks such as the Internet, crucial security issues are being raised. Whereas Electronic Funds Transfer over financial networks is reasonably secure, securing payments over open networks connecting commercial servers and consumer workstations(More)
Compared to fixed networks such as the Internet, mobile ad ¡ hoc networks (MANETs) present the routing protocol designer with many more challenges. In this paper we examine some of the tools used by designers to test their protocols. We propose that emulation of a mobile wireless network reduces the amount of time and effort in testing a routing protocol(More)
The past few years have witnessed an explosive growth in the use of wireless mobile handheld devices as the enabling technology for accessing Internet-based services, as well as for personal communication needs in ad hoc networking environments. Most studies indicate that it is impossible to utilize strong cryptographic functions for implementing security(More)
Declaration I declare that the work described in this dissertation is, except where otherwise stated, entirely my own work and has not been submitted as an exercise for a degree at this or any other university. I agree that Trinity College Library may lend or copy this dissertation upon request. iii Acknowledgements I would like to thank my supervisor, Mr.(More)
  • Raja Rai, Singh Verma, Donal O 'mahony, Hitesh Tewari, raja Verma, Donal Omahony +2 others
  • 2001
The dynamic nature of Ad hoc Networks makes it difficult to build trust relationships. This is primarily due to non-availability of online trusted third parties during trust negotiation. Trust Negotiations should also be secure and straightforward. This paper presents an overview of a scheme for progressive trust negotiation to build trust, along with a(More)
A characterization of predicate encryption (PE) with support for homomorphic operations is presented and we describe the homomorphic properties of some existing PE constructions. Even for the special case of IBE, there are few known group-homomorphic cryptosystems. Our main construction is an XOR-homomorphic IBE scheme based on the quadratic residuosity(More)
—This paper introduces a new P2P Electronic Cash system called Netcoin. The purpose of Netcoin is to facilitate inexpensive peer-to-peer monetary transactions on the Web. Its salient features are that it is a traceable system with an efficient mechanism for verifying transactions. Netcoins are reusable and can be easily passed from one user to another. The(More)