Hitesh N. Pawar

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Heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) is a predominant member of the HSP family of proteins, which play a variety of functions in the cells and are responsible for cytoprotection under stress conditions. The present study was characterized by HSP70 (orf) in buffalo (Buablus bubalis). Genomic DNA was isolated from lymphocytes and that was used for PCR amplification(More)
Aging alters sympathetic nervous system (SNS) regulation, although central mechanisms are not well understood. In young rats the rostral ventral lateral medulla (RVLM) is critically involved in central SNS regulation and RVLM neuronal activity is mediated by a balance of excitatory and inhibitory ionotropic neurotransmitters and receptors, providing the(More)
Ghrelin influences immune system function and modulates the sympathetic nervous system; however, the contribution of ghrelin to neural-immune interactions is not well-established because the effect of ghrelin on splenic sympathetic nerve discharge (SND) is not known. This study tested the hypothesis that central ghrelin administration would inhibit splenic(More)
Brucellosis is a worldwide zoonosis and a significant cause of loss of health in human and animals. Conventionally, definitive diagnosis is done by isolation of brucellae which is time consuming, technically demanding and may be hazardous. The present study was aimed to develop PCR assay based on evolutionarily conserved outer membrane protein 22 gene for(More)
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