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Wireless networks are gaining popularity to its peak today, as the user’s wants wireless connectivity irrespective of their geographic position. There is an increasing threat of attacks on the Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET). The attacks studied in this paper are against the routing protocols in Mobile ad hoc network. We have used AODV for simulating this(More)
Cloud Computing is one of the fast spreading technologies for providing utility-based IT services to its user. Large-scale virtualized data-centers are established to meet this requirement. Data centers consumes large amount of computation power for providing efficient and reliable services to its user. Such large consumption of electrical energy has(More)
Mission critical applications uses mobile ad hoc network. Security is required to protect this data while transmitting in network. Biometric characteristic such as face, fingerprint, voice, iris, and retina can be potential alternative to generate a cryptographic key and enhance the security. In this paper non-invertible key generation using cancelable(More)
with the increased use of Android smartphones, the amount and variety of android malware is growing rapidly. Being the most popular platform, open source system and its vulnerable architecture, Android has been the most targeted platform for malware attacks. Most mobile malware is designed to steal users' money, including SMSTrojans, and lots of backdoors(More)
This paper describes improvement in standard routing protocol AODV for mobile ad-hoc networks. Our mechanism setups multiple paths based on less hop count. It allows to store multiple paths based on threshold. At time of link failure, it will switch to next available path. To set up multiple path, we have used the information that we get in the RREQ packet(More)
A Web Page has large amount of information including some additional contents like hyperlinks, header footer, navigational panel; advertisements which may cause the content extraction to be complicated. Page Segmentation is used to detect the noisy content block by detecting malicious URL from Web Pages. Main aim of this research is detecting malicious URL(More)
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