Hishammudin Mohd Ali

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BACKGROUND Sudanese children with congenital heart defects (CHDs) were found to have poorer oral health than those without CHDs. The aims of this study were to: describe the patterns of oral-health-related background factors in children with and without CHD and explore any differences, and to evaluate the effects of background factors on caries and(More)
Due to high temperatures and pressures in the thrust chamber, regenerative cooling along with film cooling is one of the basic requirements for safe operation. This is ensured by controlling the rate of heat transfer from the walls of chamber through the coolant flow rate. For optimum performance of thrust chamber using efficient combustion, specific heat(More)
Green infrastructure planning has grown in prominence since it was first discussed in the late 1990's. Since the President's Council on Sustainable Development discussed the concept researchers and academics from across the globe, though predominantly the UK, Western Europe and North America, have won the process. Green infrastructure is an important trust(More)
In this paper, generalizations Mittag-Leffler function method is applied to solve approximate and analytical solutions of nonlinear fractional differential equation systems such as lorenz system of fractional oreder, and compared the results with the results of Homotopy perturbation method (HPM) and Variational iteration method (VIM) in the standard integer(More)
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