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—In this paper, a new noise reduction algorithm is introduced and applied to the problem of denoising hyperspectral imagery. This algorithm resorts to the spectral derivative domain, where the noise level is elevated, and benefits from the dissimilarity of the signal regularity in the spatial and the spectral dimensions of hyperspectral images. The(More)
OBJECTIVES Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder characterized by pervasive deficits in social interaction, impairment in verbal and non-verbal communication, and stereotyped patterns of interests and activities. Vitamin-D deficiency was previously reported in autistic children. However, the data on the relationship between vitamin D(More)
In this paper, we introduce an efficient hidden Markov model-based voice activity detection (VAD) algorithm with time-variant state transition probabilities in the underlying Markov chain. The transition probabilities vary in an exponential charge/discharge scheme and are softly merged with state conditional likelihood into a final VAD decision. Working in(More)
We hypothesize that the imbalance between oxidant and antioxidant systems might be involved in the pathophysiology of breath-holding spells. The aim of this study is to evaluate the oxidant-antioxidant status in children with breath-holding spells compared to healthy children. In a case control study, 67 children with breath-holding spells were compared(More)