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In Software Engineering (SE), video game development is unique yet similar to other software endeavors. It is unique in that it combines the work of teams covering multiple disciplines (art, music, acting, programming, etc.), and that engaging game play is sought after through the use of prototypes and iterations. With that, game development is faced with(More)
Clickjacking attacks are an emerging threat on the web. An attacker application presents a User Interface (UI) element of a target application out of context, such as hiding sensitive UI element by making it transparent to the end user. The user is tricked to click on the hidden element out of context. These attacks can cause severe damages such as(More)
The role of metrics in software quality is well recognized. However, software metrics are yet to be standardized and integrated into development practices across software industry. While process, project, and product metrics share a common goal of contributing to software quality and reliability, utilization of metrics has been at minimum. This work is an(More)
Since the birth of computer science some 40 years ago, educators and researchers alike have struggled with improving student success, particularly in the introductory programming courses, which often have a very high failure rate. Although many researchers have studied how and why students succeed in programming courses, no research to date has analyzed(More)
Security risk assessment in Web Engineering is an emerging discipline, where security is given a special attention, allowing software engineers to develop high quality and secure Web-based applications. A preliminary study revealed that asset identification (and evaluation) is an essential phase in risk assessment practices. This phase represents a degree(More)
Social networks are important mediums for spreading information, ideas, and influences among individuals. Most of existing research work focus on understanding the characteristics of social networks, investigating spreading information through the “word of mouth” effect of social networks, or exploring social influences among individuals and(More)
Anticipating and mitigating security threats is critical during software development. This work investigates security vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies to help software developers build secure applications. The work examines common vulnerabilities, and relevant mitigation strategies, from several perspectives, including the input environment used to(More)
A new method of teaching traditional concepts of CS1-CS2 is discussed. The new method uses real-time data acquisition, teaming, and interdisciplinary courseware to illustrate basic computer science concepts. We present a series of experiments and the corresponding software engineering elements. These experiments have proved to be motivating for a broad(More)