Hisham M. F. Sherif

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BACKGROUND When managing neonatal jaundice, despite continual improvement of diagnostic tests and increasing knowledge regarding its pathogenesis, there is no single test or imaging modality that can reliably define biliary atresia. Early diagnosis is essential for a better surgical outcome. In many situations, mini-laparotomy and operative cholangiography(More)
Subcutaneous emphysema is a frequent complication of thoracic and cardiac surgical procedures, and emergency tracheostomy is often advocated as the treatment for this complication. However, we report the case of a patient in whom massive subcutaneous emphysema, which had developed after emergent replacement of the aortic root, was relieved using(More)
Spontaneous coronary dissection is a rare but potentially life-threatening condition. It often occurs in late pregnancy and may pose significant risks for the patient and the fetus. Its cause remains uncertain, and established guidelines for management have not been developed. In this report, close multidisciplinary collaboration has led to excellent(More)
We describe a novel design for a new mechanical circulatory support pump which can be utilized for single or biventricular support in a completely internal configuration. The device has a long projected service life, a totally implantable, readily available and off-the-shelf energy source. The proposed device is a pulsatile, positive-displacement blood pump(More)
The majority of cases of atrial fibrillation (AF) are the result of triggers originating in the area of the pulmonary veins. The reason for the predilection for that area remains unclear. We sought to examine the different mechanisms responsible for this observation through an extensive search of the medical literature, examining the development of the(More)
Prediction of outcomes in ST-elevation myocardial infarction with cardiac arrest often presents difficult clinical decision making. Using the observed results from our institution's data, we introduce a customized, computer-based decision support tool to assist in evaluating and predicting outcomes in such situations. We conclude that this tool can be(More)