Hisham Haddara

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On the basis of previous results concerning the 1/f noise in electrically stressed MOS transistors and the characterization of aged MOSFETs, the authors present a theoretical model for the flicker noise in nonhomogeneous short-channel MOS transistors operated in the ohmic region. When applied to hot-carrier-induced degradation, a simple two-region(More)
The effect of localized damage (interface states and/or trapped charges) on the ohmic region characteristics of electrically stressed MOSFET's is analyzed using the two-dimensional (2-D) solution of Poisson's equation. The device aging induced by hot-electron injection is summarized in the formation of a narrow defective interface region whose nature,(More)
The dynamic transconductance method is generalized for depletion-mode transistors (DMTs) and used to characterize the interface trapping properties and film doping on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structures. This method is based on an analytical model of the transconductance for static, dynamic, and high-frequency operation in the linear region.<<ETX>>
The extension of the charge pumping technique to gated P<sup>+</sup> IN<sup>+</sup> diodes fabricated on silicon on insulator is analysed. This method allows us to evaluate the interface properties in SOS and SIMOX structures, without the need for 5-terminal MOS transistors. The experiment, performed on SIMOX films by pulsing both the gate and substrate,(More)
New methods and results related to the characterization of silicon on insulator material formed by deep oxygen implantation (SIMOX) are presented. An original and exact analysis allows us to determine both the minority carrier lifetime and the surface recombination velocity by monitoring the transient drain current of depletion mode SIMOX transistors pulsed(More)
The hot electron induced degradation of fully optimized N-channel MOSFET's, having channel lengths in the range 0.3 &#x003BC;m,- 0.6 &#x003BC;m, is systematically investigated. The created defects and their influence on the device performance are evaluated with very sensitive techniques and explained using 2D modelling. The device lifetime is analysed as a(More)
A new and accurate approach to ac conductance measurements on MOSFETs is presented. It is shown that the conductance technique can be used to study interface trap properties in the entire silicon band-gap by direct measurement on a single MOSFET. Moreover, the validity of the dynamic transcnductance method is assessed by comparing its results with those(More)
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