Hisham Al-Assam

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The challenges in biometrics research activities have expanded recently to include the maintenance of security and privacy of biometric templates beside the traditional work to improve accuracy, speed, and robustness. Revocable biometric templates and biometric cryptosystems have been developed as template protection measures. Revocability means that(More)
Privacy and security are vital concerns for practical biometric systems. The concept of cancelable or revocable biometrics has been proposed as a solution for biometric template security. Revocable biometric means that biometric templates are no longer fixed over time and could be revoked in the same way as lost or stolen credit cards are. In this paper, we(More)
This paper aims to evaluate the security and accuracy of Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication (MFBA) schemes that are based on applying User-Based Transformations (UBTs) on biometric features. Typically, UBTs employ transformation keys generated from passwords/PINs or retrieved from tokens. In this paper, we not only highlight the importance of simulating(More)
Ultrasound is one of the most widely used multipurpose imaging modalities that is ideal for monitoring and diagnosing early pregnancy events. The first sign and measurable element of an early pregnancy is the Gestational Sac (GS). Currently, the size of GS is manually measured from an ultrasound image of the GS. This paper argues that the Mean Sac Diameter(More)