Hisham A. Kholidy

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By impersonating legitimate users, intruders can use the abundant resources of cloud computing environments. This paper develops a framework for "CIDS" a cloud based intrusion detection system, to solve the deficiencies of current IDSs. CIDS also provides a component to summarize the alerts and inform the cloud administrator. CIDS architecture is scalable(More)
Security and availability are critical for cloud environments because their massive amount of resources simplifies several attacks to cloud services. This paper introduces a distributed deployment and a centralized one for our Cloud intrusion detection framework, CIDS-VERT. After describing the architectures and the components of the two deployments it(More)
Cloud computing is a type of distributed computing approach for IT Sector that leverages in efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed virtual Infrastructures consuming them as a service by applications/organizations which would save thousands of dollars on CapEx and OpEx. To adopt this new cloud technology main concern for the consumers is the cloud(More)
Masquerade attacks pose a serious threat for cloud system due to the massive amount of resource of these systems. Lack of datasets for cloud computing hinders the building of efficient intrusion detection of these attacks. Current dataset cannot be used due to the heterogeneity of user requirements, the distinct operating systems installed in the VMs, and(More)
Cloud computing delivers on-demand resources over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis, intruders may exploit clouds for their advantage. This paper presents Autonomous Cloud Intrusion Response System (ACIRS), a proper defense strategy for cloud systems. ACIRS continuously monitors and analyzes system events and computes security and risk parameters to(More)