Hisayuki Yamanaka

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We developed a set of universal PCR primers (MiFish-U/E) for metabarcoding environmental DNA (eDNA) from fishes. Primers were designed using aligned whole mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) sequences from 880 species, supplemented by partial mitogenome sequences from 160 elasmobranchs (sharks and rays). The primers target a hypervariable region of the 12S(More)
A new method for measuring the refractive-index difference of a liquid has been developed. The liquid to be measured is contained in a 60-mm-diameter, cylindrical glass cell, and a He-Ne laser light is passed into the cell so that the laser light incidence fulfills the condition of minimum deviation. In this condition, the beam emerging from the cell has a(More)
Highly sensitive piezoelectric ultrasonic micro-sensors with a grooved multilayer membrane have been developed by Si-based MEMS technique. The groove was located at one-quarter of the membrane and opened in piezoelectric layer. The piezoelectric layer PZT is 2.2 mum thick and was prepared by sol-gel method. The prepared PZT films shows pure perovskite and(More)
The infrared reflectivity spectra of semiconducting BaPb(x)Bi(1-x)O(3) single crystals are measured. From the oscillator strength of the bismuth charge-disproportionation mode we compute the compositional dependence of the Born and Szigeti effective-charge difference between two inequivalent bismuth sites. The Szigeti effective-charge decreases and is found(More)
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