Hisayuki Sugimura

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This paper presents soft switching zero voltage switching high frequency inverter with reverse blocking single switch for dielectric barrier discharge lamp. The simple high-frequency inverter can(More)
This paper presents some experimental results and practical evaluations of neutral point clamping and flying capacitor hybrid three-level phase shifted soft switching PWM DC-DC high power converter(More)
This paper presents the two lossless auxiliary inductors-assisted voltage source type single ended push pull (SEPP) series resonant high frequency inverter for induction heated fixing roller in copy(More)
This paper presents newly developed half bridge ZVS-PWM high frequency inverter using ZCS-PFC converter conducting full bridge 1 diode. This high-frequency inverter is composed of a passive PFC(More)
This paper is concerned with some experimental results and practical evaluations of a three-level phase shifted ZVS-PWM DC-DC converter with neutral point clamping diodes and flying capacitor for a(More)