Hisayuki Nakatani

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In this work, the relationship between the unsaturated chain end group content and the thermal oxidative degradation rate was systematically studied with binary polymer blends of isotactic polypropylene (iPP) with and without the unsaturated chain end group. The iPPs with and without the unsaturated chain end group were synthesized by a metallocene catalyst(More)
In the present work we aim to clarify the role of the microstructure and the crystalline distribution from the thermo-oxidation of solid isotactic PP (iPP) and ethylene-propylene (EP) copolymers. The effects of the content and quality of the isotacticity interruptions, together with the associated average isotactic length, on the induction time (ti) as well(More)
A sugar solution containing 42.9 g l(-1) of xylose was prepared from the wood of Japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla var. japonica) by hydrolysis with 3 % sulfuric acid with a liquor-to-solid ratio of 4 (g g(-1)) at 120 °C for 1 h. During the acid hydrolysis, undesirable by-products were generated, such as acetic acid, furfural, and(More)
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