Hisayuki Aoyama

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In this paper, we describe development of the multi-axial micromanipulation organized by versatile micro robots using micro tweezers. To conduct microscopic operations, a unique locomotion mechanism composed of four piezoelectric actuators and two electromagnets is proposed. Here two legs arranged to cross each other are connected by four piezoelectric(More)
Collapsed buildings due to earthquake or terrorist attack typically result in a rubble pile with access holes less than 1 foot in diameter. The necessity of producing smaller robots which can locate survivors quickly is evident in light of recent disasters and attacks. In the reported research, instead of developing one or two expensive robots, the proposed(More)
Over the past decade, the Internet has become more and more popular in human society which brings significant convenient to researchers and engineers in the joint development of highly complicated products such as robotic/mechatronic systems. Simultaneously, more and more opportunities are being given to students to attend robot competitions in(More)
In this paper, we describe the newly-developed microscopic operation system assisted by one cubic inch sized micro robots under an inverted microscope. These micro robots, which are composed of piezo elements, are capable of moving in any direction, i.e. in X and Y directions as well as precisely rotate at the specified point. And they can convey several(More)
This paper describes the unique micro machining system performed by mutiple microrobots. These microrobots, which are composed of piezo elements and electromagnets, can move precisely with the manner of an inchworm on the steel plate. And these robots are equipped with the micro tools such micro drill and micro indentor to provide various micro works with(More)