Hisayoshi Sasaki

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In this paper, we developed a power system normal operation application by multi-agent approach. The multi-agent system consists of several facilitator agents, equipment agents, and switch-box agents. A facilitator agent acts as a manager for negotiation process between agents. An equipment agent corresponds to the element of the electric power system, such(More)
The authors describe an expert system which assists the security control of an electric power system. The expert system first judges the power system operating conditions based on its voltage profile and line flow patterns and then displays possible control actions to be chosen by operators. The salient features of this expert system are: (1) power system(More)
We conducted demonstration experiments to promote the use of open-source software on desktops as a part of the Open-Source Software-Utilization Development Program for the education sector. In these experiments, we found some barriers to popularizing the use of open-source software in end-user desktop applications. In this paper, we report some typical(More)
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