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The gene SFB encodes an F-box protein that has appropriate S-haplotype-specific variation to be the pollen determinant in the S-RNase-based gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) reaction in Prunus (Rosaceae). To further characterize Prunus SFB, we cloned and sequenced four additional alleles from sweet cherry (P. avium), SFB 1 , SFB 2 , SFB 4 , and SFB 5.(More)
This study characterizes the S6m-haplotype, a mutated S6-haplotype with an altered HindIII cut site, of sour cherry (Prunus cerasus). Inheritance and pollination studies of S-haplotypes from reciprocal crosses between 'Erdi Botermo' (EB; S4S6mSa) and 'Rheinische Schattenmorelle' (RS; S6SaSbSc) revealed that the S6m-haplotype conferred unilateral(More)
The present study investigated the expressional regulation of PpDAM5 and PpDAM6, two of the six peach (Prunus persica) dormancy-associated MADS-box genes, in relation to lateral bud endodormancy. PpDAM5 and PpDAM6 were originally identified as homologues of Arabidopsis SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE/AGAMOUS-LIKE 24 identified in the EVERGROWING locus of peach.(More)
Many developmental processes and induced plant responses have been identified that are directly or indirectly influenced by wall-localized, or apoplastic, molecular interactions and signalling pathways. The yeast-based signal sequence trap (YSST) is a potentially valuable experimental tool to characterize the proteome of the wall and apoplast, or(More)
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