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Distribution of putative denitrifying methane oxidizing bacteria in sediment of a freshwater lake, Lake Biwa.
Methane oxidation coupled to denitrification is mediated by 'Candidatus Methylomirabilis oxyfera', which belongs to the candidate phylum NC10. The distribution of putative denitrifyingExpand
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Effects of Multiple Modes on Rayleigh Wave Dispersion Characteristics
The effects of multiple modes on Rayleigh wave dispersion are discussed to reduce the ambiguity of uniqueness of shear wave velocity (Vs) profiles estimated by the surface wave method. Based on aExpand
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Sulfuritalea hydrogenivorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a facultative autotroph isolated from a freshwater lake.
A novel facultatively autotrophic bacterium, designated strain sk43H(T), was isolated from water of a freshwater lake in Japan. Cells of the isolate were curved rods, motile andExpand
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Microbial Community Structure, Pigment Composition, and Nitrogen Source of Red Snow in Antarctica
Abstract“Red snow” refers to red-colored snow, caused by bloom of cold-adapted phototrophs, so-called snow algae. The red snow found in Langhovde, Antarctica, was investigated from severalExpand
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Vertical and temporal shifts in microbial communities in the water column and sediment of saline meromictic Lake Kaiike (Japan), as determined by a 16S rDNA-based analysis, and related to
The vertical and temporal changes in microbial communities were investigated throughout the water column and sediment of the saline meromictic Lake Kaiike by PCR-denaturing gradient gelExpand
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Sulfuricella denitrificans gen. nov., sp. nov., a sulfur-oxidizing autotroph isolated from a freshwater lake.
A novel facultatively anaerobic, sulfur-oxidizing bacterium, strain skB26(T), was isolated from anoxic water of a freshwater lake in Japan. The cells were rod-shaped, motile and Gram-negative. StrainExpand
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Complete genomes of freshwater sulfur oxidizers Sulfuricella denitrificans skB26 and Sulfuritalea hydrogenivorans sk43H: genetic insights into the sulfur oxidation pathway of betaproteobacteria.
Despite detailed studies of marine sulfur-oxidizing bacteria, our knowledge concerning their counterparts in freshwater lake ecosystems is limited. Genome sequencing of the freshwaterExpand
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Caldimicrobium thiodismutans sp. nov., a sulfur-disproportionating bacterium isolated from a hot spring, and emended description of the genus Caldimicrobium.
A novel autotrophic, thermophilic bacterium, strain TF1T, was isolated from a hot spring in Japan. Cells of strain TF1T were motile, Gram-stain-negative, rod-shaped, 1.0-2.0 μm in length and 0.5-0.6Expand
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Microbial Community Analysis of Colored Snow from an Alpine Snowfield in Northern Japan Reveals the Prevalence of Betaproteobacteria with Snow Algae
Psychrophilic algae blooms can be observed coloring the snow during the melt season in alpine snowfields. These algae are important primary producers on the snow surface environment, supporting theExpand
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Characterization of depth-related microbial community structure in lake sediment by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis of amplified 16S rDNA and reversely transcribed 16S rRNA fragments.
Vertical changes of bacterial community structure in a mesophilic lake sediment were investigated by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) of amplified 16S rDNA and reversely transcribed 16SExpand
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