Hisato Yoneda

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This paper proposes a new static simultaneous optimization of dispatching and conflict-free routing for unidirectional Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) systems. Our objective is to minimize the entire transportation time where the given transportation tasks are finished. A hybrid system modeling is applied for OHT system that is constituted by the OHT(More)
It is well known that routing problems are recast as a binary integer linear programming in overhead hoist transport (OHT) vehicle systems. Two kinds of discrete-time state space models of the routing problem are proposed in this paper that simplifies the constraints and binary variables. First, a Petri Net (PN) method is used to simplify the constraints.(More)
This paper proposes a dynamic modeling of transportation systems in semiconductor manufacturing. Utilizing our modeling method, we consider an optimal scheduling problem of AGV (automatic guided vehicle) system transfer problem, which is to control the AGV congestion on the junctions of the transportation road in this paper. The problem is recast as an ILP(More)
This paper proposes the combination of MIMO-OFDM modulation method and multi bonding technology that are implemented on IEEE 802.11n, and the routing functions of the wireless telecommunications service that uses fieldbus (EtherCAT) as a new method of industrial wireless telecommunications for FA.
This paper proposes a new scheduling method of dispatching and conflict-free routing for overhead hoist transport (OHT) systems in semiconductor fabrication (Fab). This paper utilizes a model predictive control (MPC) strategy in which the cycle of measurement, prediction, optimization and control is repeated. The first aim of the MPC application is to set a(More)
This paper presents application of ISO22400 (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs) for manufacturing system. The KPIs defined in ISO 22400-1 are intended to be calculated using data from the control domain (Levels 1 and 2), and to provide both the enterprise domain and the MOM domain with decision support information to manage the enterprise. However IS022400(More)
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