Hisataka Maruyama

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This paper demonstrates local pH measurement in a microchip using a pH-sensing gel-microbead. To achieve this, the gel-microbead made of a hydrophilic photo-crosslinkable resin was functionalized with the pH indicator bromothymol blue (BTB). The primary constituent of this photo-crosslinkable resin is poly(ethylene glycol). Gel-microbeads impregnated with(More)
Influenza virus infection can result in changes in the cellular ion levels at 2-3 h post-infection. More H(+) is produced by glycolysis, and the viral M2 proton channel also plays a role in the capture and release of H(+) during both viral entry and egress. Then the cells might regulate the intracellular pH by increasing the export of H(+) from the(More)