Hisashi Yamashita

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BACKGROUND Changes in stress and tissue material properties have been proposed as important mechanical factors that may influence infarct expansion and subsequent healing. Because such changes will be reflected by alterations in the finite deformation of the tissue, we examined the direction and magnitude of myocardial deformation after coronary ligation in(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of reperfusion after coronary occlusion on transmural remodeling of the ischemic region early and late after nontransmural infarction must importantly affect the recovery of regional function. Accordingly, analysis of local volume and three-dimensional strain was performed using a finite element method to determine regional(More)
Subjects of the present investigation are 20 control cases free from upper gastrointestinal diseases and nine cases with achalasia. Intraluminal pressure of the esophagus was measured with the use of an open-tip method. In the control cases, presence of W-shape pattern with three high pressure zones and two low pressure zones were verified. On the basis of(More)
A physician in practice referred a 52-year-old woman to our hospital for a closer examination of systolic murmur. She reported nothing particular. Auscultation showed ejection-type murmur of Levine 2/VI maximally heard at the fourth left sternal border that seemed to be functional. ECG and chest x-ray film showed no abnormal findings. To confirm the cause(More)
9 cases of these tumors were found in gastric mass survey and 6 were at out patient clinic. 7 cases of these tumors had some subjective symptoms but another 8 cases were symptomlos. Recently the gastric submucosal tumor patient without complain were increasing to be found according to popularization of gastric mass survey. Among the 15 cases 3 were not able(More)
neum. Resul ts : The pneumoper i toneum-tomography was very useful for the diagnosis of abdominal tumor . Especil ly it was very helpful in de te rmining the size, fo rm and re la t ion to the surrounding organs, of the tumor in such a par t as the epigastr ic and the subcostal region where it is difficult to palpate the tumor. In s tomach cancer and others(More)
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